The Bethlehem coordinates proclaim the number of his name = 3168 (the gematria of His Name in the Bible’s Hebrew text = 352)

The laws of musical harmony and the length of the second dictate the numbers displayed on the Musical Scale Chart below, the chart is natural tuning called Just, the numbers refer to Hertz and Hertz means a unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second, so the number 3168 on the chart for example means that 3168 sound vibrations per second produce the pure tone of the note G three above. Why do the laws of musical harmony exist? it is because music is a gift from God and it is his modus operandi to use laws and create order, there is no alternative (logical) evolutionary explanation for music. The Musical Scale Chart is a multifunctional document and contains layers of coded information that can be translated and read but for now we will just look at a portion of the message that informs us who wrote the laws of musical harmony and invented the second and therfore was the Author of the Musical Scale Chart seen below. In the Greek text of the Bible the gematria of the “Lord Jesus Christ” is 3168, the red numbers on the musical scale chart refer to both the number of His Name and the coordinates of Bethlehem where he was born, latitude 31.68° north crosses longitude 35.2° east in Bethlehem.

The equator is designated 0° and is a factor in calculating all latitudes, lines drawn from the earth’s centre to Bethlehem and the equator create the angle 31.68° therefore latitude 31.68° north crosses Bethlehem, latitude 31.68° north’s relationship with the equator is more profound than other latitudes, from the equator to Bethlehem’s latitude 31.68° represents 35.2% of the arc of the northern quadrant of longitude 35.2° east. Bethlehem’s latitude 31.68° north would be written in atlases like this 31° 40’ 48” which means 31 degrees 40 minutes and 48 seconds (of latitude), when we write latitude 31.68° this is just another way of expressing the latitude using only degrees and the decimal system whereas the previous example expressed the same thing using a combination of degrees minutes and seconds, we could express the latitude using only degrees or minutes or seconds, for example 31.68° is the same as 1900.8 minutes or 114048 seconds. Before the bulge appeared on the equator its circumference was equal to the earth’s mean circumference being 27371.52 Roman miles via the 864/275 method for pi, and turning once a day = 0.3168 Roman miles per second or 19.008 Roman miles per minute = 1140.48 Roman miles per hour. G three above is 3168 Hertz = 190080 cycles per minute = 11404800 cycles per hour = 273715200 cycles per day. Those 4 numbers remind me that a 31680 furlong radius earth has a 27371520 Roman pace circumference and that the moon’s radius is 1900800 yards, the diameter is 11404800 feet

The large rectangular 35.2° x 31.68° shape above is displayed in more detail below. The three most profoundly design orientated spots on the earth’s surface are (1) Bethlehem, (2) the site of the Great Pyramid at the centre of the 1/10 scale model great circle of the moon, and (3) the 3168 Cross inside the 1/10 scale model great circle of the earth.  A rhumb line from the Great Pyramid in the centre of the model great circle of the moon to Bethlehem forms the Christ Angle with the Pyramid’s parallel and the distance equals 1 Egyptian furlong for every year from the Pyramid’s datum year to the birth of Christ and thus prophesied the place and year of Jesus’ birth. The line from latitude 31.68° north in Bethlehem goes south down longitude 35.2° east and ends on latitude 3.168° south which is the equator of the 1/10th scale model great circle of the earth this demonstrates how both scale model great circles of the earth and moon are connected to Bethlehem and they are intricately connected to each other in an interesting way by the Nile, this connection completes a circuit between the three pre-eminent design centres.

One of the many functions of the 3168 cross inside the 1/10 scale model great circle of the earth is to represent the Zero Cross seen inside the full scale illustration of a great circle of the earth, this is symbolism or a code if you like and we don’t need to be rocket scientists to decode the message. The decoded message claims that the Lord Jesus Christ who was born in Bethlehem (as prophesied in the Old Testament) is the Creator of the earth and the moon etc. and even designed the map of Africa which must have been easy enough for someone who did the other things. The message or messages could only be written so to speak by someone who was omnipotent the claims are valid because they are made by methods that are so obviously and undeniably supernatural. Remember the 3168 signature required that the Greek language be invented and its spelling and alphabet along with its embedded system of numbers be appropriately designed to make them function as tools in the Great Design it can plainly be seen these tools were used before man existed the evidence for Intelligent Design is conclusive though people can’t be forced to accept the truth they have the right to see the truth as well as the right to reject it.


That longitude 35.2° east holds the same relative position in both circles is significant because it confirms that the 3168 Cross symbolizes the Zero Cross, it is very obvious that the model’s equator is represented by the horizontal line of the 3168 Cross but how do we know for certain that the 3168 Cross’ vertical line represents the Prime Meridian? We can be sure that the 3168 Cross’ vertical line symbolizes the Prime Meridian because the relationship between the model’s longitude 35.2° east to the model’s equator makes perfect sense when the vertical line of the 3168 Cross is recognised as symbolizing the model’s prime meridian.

 On the earth’s surface the longitudes used by both crosses are 31.68° apart and their latitudes are 3.168° apart remember 31.68° = 1900.8’ = 114048” and 3.168° = 190.08’ = 11404.8”. From Bethlehem moving south down longitude 35.2° it is 31.68° of latitude to the latitude of the Zero Cross on the equator, then on the same longitude it is another 3.168° of latitude to the equator of the 1/10 scale model great circle of the earth.

Numeric sequences, 31.68° = 1900.8’ (minutes) = 114048” (seconds).

Another version of the numeric sequence above is produced if we use the Roman mile (or pace) when stating the earth’s original equatorial rotation speed measured using a second, a minute and an hour. Before the bulge appeared on the equator the earth’s average circumference (24883.2 miles via the 864/275 method for π) also applied to the equator and it rotated 0.3168 Roman miles per second = 19.008 Roman miles per minute = 1140.48 Roman miles per hour. One degree and one hour are divided into 60 minutes and each minute is divided into 60 seconds, this suggests without proving that these units of measure have one origin. The fact that the Lord Jesus Christ = 3168 was born 31.68° of latitude north of the equator which rotated 0.3168 Roman miles per second should demonstrate to the intellectually honest that the Creator (3168) is the source of the different units of measure referred to above.

The latitude // longitude design features latitude 31.68° north and longitude 31.68° east and there is a shape measuring 31.68° of latitude x 31.68° of longitude in each corner. Note 31.68° = 1900.8’ = 114048”.

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