The original perfect equator turned 0.3168 Roman miles per second which we used as the circle’s diameter, in 4 seconds the equator turned 1 Pyramid geographic mile which is the square’s perimeter and equals 1 arcminute of the earth’s circumference. This is an interesting geometric relationship between 1 second of time on the equator and 1 arcminute of it’s original circumference (calculated via 864/275). The 0.3168 megalithic mile perimeter regular hexagon drawn tangent inside the circle is transformed into a 3D view of a transparent cube by the addition of the radial lines, this 3168 Roman palm cube is named the Pyramid Cube because it is the smallest true cube that can contain the Great Pyramid’s full design therefore the full design Pyramid’s base is the same size as each side of the cube.


Every equation begins with 1 unit x 0.3168 then it is multiplied by a designated number of inches and the number of inches is always equal to the number of the selected units in the earth’s circumference, every equation produces the 79.62624 acres surface area of the Pyramid Cube.


The Imperial inch is the star performer  above it is involved with every one of the equations so it is appropriate that 0.3168 inches multiplied by the earth’s circumference produces the surface area of the Pyramid Cube; for example 24883.2 miles or 27371.52 Roman miles or 9123.84 megalithic miles or 18247.68 Roman leagues x 0.3168 inches = the surface area of the Pyramid Cube.


Below; 3168 megalithic miles is the perimeter of the square around the moon, 3168 megalithic miles is the perimeter of each of the 8 triangles and 3168 megalithic miles is the perimeter of each of the 4 regular hexagons: 31680 miles is the perimeter of the cross, 31680 miles is the outer square’s perimeter and 31680 miles equals the circumferences of the earth and the moon added together. Each hypotenuse of the 8 triangles is 3168000 fathoms or 316800000 Roman digits. The symbolism of the moon and cross refers to the Crucifixion held on the feast day of Passover which was always held on a full moon and the lunar eclipse on the day of the Crucifixion emphasized this event, other details of the design refer to the Lord Jesus Christ in his role as the Creator.


The dimensions of the design below conform to the dimensions of a Pyramid Cube placed in each corner of the 3.168 mile perimeter outer square and as you can see the design is a scale model of the design above and all the measurements are the same in both designs except for the position of the decimal points. Therefore the symbolism of the design below is the same as above with the addition of all the symbolism of the Pyramid Cube. The 31680 mile perimeter of the cross above = 167270400’ and 167270400² feet is the surface area of 1³ mile which fits tangent around a mile diameter sphere which is a major design feature in this investigation. The cross’ perimeter below is 3.168 miles = 16727.04’ and 16727.04² feet = the surface area of the 633.6” cube symbolized by Stonehenge’s Sarsen Circle and 633.6 of these 633.6” cubes = the volume of the Great Pyramid’s full design which is the basis of the Pyramid Cube and the 1³ mile x 0.0006336 also produces the full design Pyramid’s volume.