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The Great Design by James M Heyworth


The unveiling of the Great Design reveals that the earth, the moon and the sun are factors in a great design, and other factors of the Great Design are the units of measure from various systems that are used to reveal the message embedded in the Great Design. The time span of a day is dictated by the earth’s rotation speed which is a finely tuned Great Design factor, the units used by the whole world to divide the day and measure time called the second, the minute and the hour are also Great Design factors. The whole world divides circles into 360 degrees with each degree containing 60 minutes that are subdivided into 60 seconds, this system was first used in the Great Design. Music’s laws of harmony are Great Design factors, the numbers and number sequences found on the Musical Scale Chart are very thoroughly woven into the Great Design.


The Greek and Hebrew languages, their alphabets along with their embedded systems of numbers were used in the Great Design before man even existed thus demonstrating that the Source of languages, alphabets and writing is neither mortal man nor Evolution. The British system of latitudes and longitudes are used by the whole world but they were first used in the Great Design before man existed.


The purpose of the Stonehenge group of monuments and the Great Pyramid was to reveal the Great Design in detail and they have succeeded, the monuments are geometric time capsules containing a message from the past to the present, the seals are broken and the message can be read.

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