About the Website

(28 February 2012) It was my plan to continuously improve the graphics and descriptions of this investigation wherever I could but I had a heart attack and two strokes in December which has affected my eyesight and unless my sight improves I may not be doing any more graphics because it has become too difficult.  Therefore the pages on this website are not what I intended as the finished product but I am not sure I have the ability to do anything about that. The doctor said I got off lightly and my sight should improve over the first year but  will not fully recover. When I came back from hospital and viewed my web pages they were unfamiliar and hard to understand as if I was looking at the work of someone else and my plan of making improvements was no longer possible but my eyesight has improved a bit and perhaps one day I will be able to do the intended improvements.

My research was inspired by reading some of Bonnie Gaunt’s books so we could say Bonnie Gaunt laid the foundations for my work and anyone familiar with her work can judge for themselves how much my research owes to Bonnie Gaunt, I bought 4 of her books and Bonnie sent me 3 more of her books as gifts.