The Big Bang and Evolution


Information = intelligence, for example Military intelligence means Military Information.  My dictionary says information is intelligence; when the source of any information can be verified or revealed the source is always a mind. The first advent of life needed and used masses of information; therefore life definitely had to be the result of a premeditated plan of action by a conscious intelligent Source. The Darwinian Theory of Evolution opposes the facts above but the Darwinian Theory of Evolution is missing it’s first chapter which is definitely the most important chapter of all that should explain how the blind and undirected forces of nature transformed dead materials into something alive, surviving and breeding. The first advent of life was an enormous quantum leap that definitely could not have happened in the way that is vaguely alluded to in fast forward by the mass media. The first advent of life had to have a perfect and fully functioning version of the genetic code which is an intricate and super efficient program with a data base that stores and uses masses of information. Note that the source of this information like all information without exception is a conscious intelligent mind, not one valid example exists of information derived from any other kind of source. The genetic code is an active construction manual, it is also an operator’s manual and repair manual. Darwin speculated that lightening striking primordial soup may have produced life; and that is a very inadequate substitute for the first chapter of the Darwinian Theory of Evolution. Therefore the foundation and beginning of the whole speculative Darwinian Theory of Evolution starts feebly with a suggestion that perhaps lightening and a puddle of mud had something to do with producing the first advent of life. 


Darwin said “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down”.


The complex irreducible content of every example of the genetic code is an organ that could not possibly have been formed by numerous successive slight modifications; this would have proved to Darwin that his theory had absolutely broken down. Note that we are not claiming that the genetic code cannot be modified by slight successive modifications. We are noting the required perfection, the mass of information and the super hi tech complexity of the first version of a fully functioning genetic code which was absolutely necessary for the introduction of the very first form of life. The first fully functioning version of the genetic code for obvious reasons could not have been preceded by partially completed models or many experimental models that almost worked, therefore the first genetic code could not possibly have been formed by numerous successive slight modifications.


 Every living thing has a genetic code which has very appropriately been called the blueprint of life. Variations in kind can be accounted for by a loss of information from the species original genetic code, information can be bred out of the genetic code on the farm by selective breeding and in the wild by natural selection. Evolution is distinctly different from variations in kind because instead of losing information it needs to find select and capture enormous amounts of new information to add to the genetic code’s data base and it cannot be demonstrated that Evolution has ever added even one tiny speck of information to the genetic code. Mutations are not the answer because mutations are always caused by damage to the genetic code which does not add any information, how could information be added to the genetic code by ripping out pages from it’s construction manual? Life and the genetic code arrived woven together in an intricate co-dependent partnership, life cannot exist without the genetic code’s information i.e. the instructions and commands contained in the genetic code’s data base. Without life the genetic code could not exist, had no reason to exist and without life it served absolutely no purpose whatsoever, it would be like a computer that could not be  used because it had no power supply. The first advent of life may have appeared primitive and insignificant but it was an enormous multi faceted quantum leap that instantly transformed a world containing no information, no data bases, no alphabets, no languages, no communication systems and no life, to a world with all the above. Note that the first advent of life introduced the first alphabet, language and data base used by the genetic code via electrical and chemical communication systems to command the life form to develop step by step in very precise sequence and timing to maturity it is then commanded to reproduce itself to preserve the species. If you check Computer Science on Wikipedia or elsewhere it will inform you of the many complex interfacing factors that are needed to make a computer function and although computer technology is inferior it has very many basic parallels to the programming of the Genetic Code. Everyone knows computers did not invent themselves things like that can only be the result of premeditated plans of action from conscious intelligent sources. Likewise the Genetic Code could only be the result of a premeditated plan of action from a conscious intelligent Source endowed with omniscient and omnipotent abilities, meaning the Source of the genetic code and life had the knowledge to design them and also had the power to make them happen. It is extremely ridiculous to claim that the first life form equipped with an essential fully functioning version of the genetic code could have been accidently and simultaneously produced by lightening striking primordial soup. Scientists state that if the information contained in 1 pinhead of human DNA was written down in books and the books were made into 500 stacks, each stack would reach from the earth to the moon this is just one example of how the genetic  code thoroughly outperforms by enormous orders of magnitude our very best computer technology. The possibility of the genetic code or computers being the result of a string of accidents or the result of  inventing themselves or being invented by the blind forces of nature are exactly the same i.e. zero possibility.