Evidence in the Greek scriptures reveals that Greek words and the Greek alphabet were purpose-designed to write the New Testament. The Greek alphanumeric alphabet was used to embed intricate numeric designs in the Greek scriptures that are far too complex for man alone to have produced. The words of the New Testament use supernatural features to testify of their Divine Source. The Greek language and alphabet are also factors of a code that was used long before the New Testament was written.

When the New Testament was written it gave us the information needed to decipher the code, in that code 3168 = Lord Jesus Christ. The number 3168 is used as the numeric signature of the Creator in the dimensions of our solar system. Various measurements of our solar system signed 3168 are in fact messages to us from the Creator written in code. Supernatural foreknowledge of the New Testament is demonstrated by the measurements of the solar system that are signed 3168 they are the product of what was then future Biblical gematria and future units of measure.

The messages predate life on earth showing that the Source knew before any life existed on earth that one day there would be intelligent beings here speaking Greek and also using the alphanumeric Greek alphabet. Therefore we certainly are the result of fore planning by an intelligent being, this means life is not an accident. The accident theory called Evolution is trashed and bypassed on the fast track when we note the signed messages in the cosmic design are addressed to us and were created before any form of life whatsoever existed on earth. Stonehenge’s design reveals that the units of measure that are used to convey the messages in the cosmic design were actually designed for that purpose.

Simple geometric relationships between relevant units of measure reveal 3168 signatures everywhere showing that the units of measure and the design of the solar system have one Source and the first time those units of measure were used was in the cosmic design with the 3168 signatures before man existed. Stonehenge’s design and the cosmic design use units of measure before they were invented (which is supernatural). Stonehenge’s design is also prophetic of the effect the Roman occupation would have on the units of linear measure used in Britain, the design refers to units of linear measure used in Britain before, during and after the Roman occupation.

   Every symbol in the Greek alphabet represents a sound and a number; they had no other symbols to use as numbers. The Greek language and alphabet were purpose-designed to write the New Testament enabling the words to produce intricate numeric designs and every single letter is involved in multiple numeric designs. The embedded numeric designs show that the words of the New Testament could only emanate from a supernatural Source because man did not and does not have the ability to produce those designs. Every page is saturated with supernatural self verifying contents which trash the claims made by professional liars who say the original Greek scriptures are fraudulent, unknown, lost, have been corrupted or are interpolated. Some triumphantly claim that we do not have the original documents or even a copy of a copy of a copy etc of the original Greek scriptures. Whether or not that claim is true is remarkably unimportant because we can prove that we have accurate copies of the original Greek scriptures. If one letter was added or deleted or a word was substituted or misspelt in copies of the original Greek texts it would destroy several of the embedded numeric designs.

We have the numeric designs therefore we have the original words of the Greek scriptures because they are inseparable you cannot have one without the other. There are other supernatural features permeating the entire Bible that confirm the supernatural Source of the words while emphasizing the impossibility of man alone being their source. Every letter in the Hebrew alphabet was also a number Hebrew was purpose-designed to write the Old Testament just as Greek was purpose-designed to write the New Testament. The Bible’s most obvious supernatural features are the enormous amount of prophecies that foretold history’s most relevant events often centuries and sometimes millennia before the events occurred. The Bible says that Jesus Christ is the Creator. John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. 1:2 The same was in the beginning with God. 1:3 All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made. 1:14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, Jesus is the Word that was made flesh and dwelt among us and the Word made everything that was made including the words of the Greek language, in other words; the Creator or the Word created the words. The Greek alphabet is a phonetic alphabet so when speaking Greek the sound of each word dictated how each word would be spelt. To compose the numeric designs in the Greek scriptures the sound and thus the spelling and thus the numeric value of every word was not left to chance because chance definitely could not have saturated the Greek scriptures with intelligent numeric designs. Jesus is called Alpha and Omega four times in the Bible, this focuses our attention on Alpha and Omega aka the Lord Jesus Christ being the Source of the Greek alphabet beginning with alpha and ending with omega and he made the gematria of his name = 3168. Revelation 1:8 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty. Jesus told those plotting to kill him, John 5:46 “For had ye believed in Moses, ye would have believed in me: for he wrote of me”. Moses wrote about the head of Christianity in the first books of the Bible some 3500 years ago showing Christianity to be older than most people think. It is the Alpha Religion which is confirmed by the signed messages in the cosmic design. Moses began the Bible and wrote of Jesus in the verse below which is a description of the Lord Jesus Christ and the verse is addressed to Jesus; the Hebrew verse has a gematria of 3168 = Lord Jesus Christ. Exodus 15:11 Who is like unto thee, O Lord among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders? Note that when Moses wrote Exodus the Greek alphabet did not exist but the verse above is just one of many possible examples of how it was used in a code throughout the Old Testament via future Greek scriptural gematria thus a supernatural foreknowledge of the New Testament is shown here and elsewhere in the Old Testament. The verse above is an example of a supernatural numeric design but it only needs one letter changed, added or deleted to ruin the 3168 gematria even a small spelling mistake would destroy the relevance of the gematria. Therefore because of the Bible’s embedded numeric designs and other divine structures we know that we have received perfectly preserved scripture and even the correct spelling. There are other 3168 verses in the Hebrew texts and thousands of examples throughout the Bible based on other important numbers. The first known references to the Lord Jesus Christ in the cosmic design predate man’s existence therefore the first references to the head of Christianity predate the existence of man and the religions that he invented which means all the other religions. The Messias called Christ was promised from the beginning and was promised again in the Old Testament, he came at the appointed time and place and fulfilled the many detailed prophecies concerning his first coming. The woman at the well said, John 4:24. I know that the Messias cometh, which is called Christ: So the woman knew before the New Testament existed that Christ was coming. When she realised he was talking to her she brought the men of the town to meet Jesus and many believed. John 4:42 ….and said unto the woman, Now we believe not because of thy saying for we have heard him ourselves, and know that this indeed is the Christ, the Saviour of the world. They knew of the promises concerning the coming of The Christ the Saviour of the world it was common knowledge and they believed in him. They all knew that The Christ was coming because it was prophesied in the Old Testament and even before that from the beginning. Generations of believers knew The Christ was coming, and later believers knew The Christ dwelt among them, and we believe that Christ came at the appointed time and place, we all believe or believed in The Christ and today believers are called Christians. Jesus said I am The Way (John 14:6). The old name for Christianity is The Way and was first called Christianity in Antioch this new name did not represent replacing the religion called The Way with a new religion called Christianity they are the same. Christianity is the newest name of the oldest religion, it is not one of the new religions it is the Alpha Religion i.e. the first or the beginning of religion. Remember the Bible says, In the beginning was the Word, which means in the beginning was Christ the head of Christianity and his followers are now called Christians.

The Alpha Religion and Stonehenge.

   To measure anything we use units of measure and numbers, measuring Stonehenge with units of measure from various systems produces numbers that are actually messages in code. People interested in Stonehenge want to know why it was built, the numbers tell us why it was built and the name of the Designer. The most important number at Stonehenge is 3168 which is linked by the design to many different units of measure and the number 3168 informs us that Stonehenge is a monument to the Lord Jesus Christ. Investigators trying to understand why Stonehenge was built feel instinctively that it is a profound religious site and because it is ancient they usually assume it is pagan, anyone who thinks Christianity is only two thousand years old is virtually bound to make that mistake. Stonehenge also focuses attention on the 3168 signatures placed by the Creator in the design of our solar system. The design of Stonehenge and the design of the solar system tell us or remind us that the Lord Jesus Christ aka Alpha and Omega is the religion that existed before any other religion was invented. Christianity is not one of the new religions it is the Alpha Religion i.e. the first, the primary or the original religion.