Latitude 31.68° North crosses longitude 35.2° East in Bethlehem, the latitude longitude design below is based on 31.68° and 35.2° of latitude and longitude and it is anchored to the Bethlehem coordinates, 31.68° + 35.2° = 66.88° the design is 66.88° x 66.88° and is placed between the latitudes 31.68° North and 35.2° South the longitudes 31.68° E and 35.2° E. are features of the design. The Western border is fixed to the Prime Meridian 0°, the Equator 0° is also a design feature. The design is the product of four overlapping 35.2° squares and no other lines were needed to complete the design, it was placed inside a 3168 mile radius circle (on the 31680 furlong radius Earth) simply because it fits. Notice that overlapping the four 35.2° squares created a 31.68° squares in each corner of the design, the borders of the North West 31.68° square are on latitude 31.68° North and longitude 31.68° East, the 2 other borders are on the Prime Meridian 0° and the prime parallel 0° called the Equator. Because the design is on the Earth’s surface it contains no true squares or rectangles but we call them that for the sake of convenience.


The latitude longitude design focuses attention on Lake Victoria which appears to be displaced and in a way it is but if it was placed inside the 3.52° centre square of the Victoria Cross we would not have the amazing Displacement Design shown below, we can’t move Lake Victoria further South without moving it out of the North East quadrant of the 1/10 scale model great circle of the Earth around the 3168 Cross. If we moved the pink 3.52° square containing Lake Victoria into alignment with the other 3.52° square resting on 3.52° South then the lake would be where it seems to belong at the centre of the Victoria Cross but it’s displacement creates the Displacement Design which is a 1/10 scale model of the North West portion of the large latitude longitude design and even occupies the same relative position in the 1/10 scale model great circle of the Earth which is illustrated below.


At the centre of the Victoria Cross is a 3.52° square resting on latitude 3.52° south which is 35.2° of latitude south of Bethlehem, the east side is on longitude 35.2° east, the centre of the square is 35.2 Pyramid geographic leagues south of the equator 0° which is the square’s northern border which is 35.2% of a great circle’s circumference south of Bethlehem. The square’s North West corner is 35.2% of the equator’s circumference east of the Prime Meridian 0°.


The message embedded in the units of measure is the same as the message embedded in the map of Africa and cosmic design therefore it is appropriate to use these preselected units of measure to reveal the message embedded in the map of Africa. I think you can read the message without my help but note that the 3168 signature is like the signature on a letter or a painting claiming this is my work or I wrote this. Therefore the claim is made via verifiable supernatural factors that the earth etc. is designed and has a message embedded in the design that is addressed to anyone and everyone who is interested in the highest level of truth, we are not the result of unintelligent blind undirected forces creating intelligent life out of dead materials, we are here for a reason so we should not be too busy being here to spare a thought about why we are here. Would you like to know if the message is addressed to you and you’re not just reading someone else’s mail?  If the message is not addressed to a person it will repel them and they will reject it, unaware that the repelling force of the message actually rejected them first, because they have not received the love of truth they flee from it and take refuge in lies (a strong delusion). Obviously the message is not new for many have already received the same message delivered by other means from the same Source.

The message of the earth, the moon and the map of Africa cannot be read via the metric system, one has to use the appropriate units of measure. The squares and circles based on units of linear measure reveal independently the same message that is embedded in the cosmic design and the map of Africa but more power is added by showing they are all interacting factors of one great design.


Image 657

 The calculations below measure the great circle diagonal distances between the corners of the latitude longitude design and the answers were supplied by the American Government’s FCC site, they say the diagonals are 6335.057 miles, we want 6336 miles so this is very close, the reason it is not exactly 6336 miles is probably because they’re using a variable measure for the earth’s radius or some other method to compensate for the earth not being a perfect sphere.


The 6336 mile North South diameter of the circle reaches from 44.07333335° North to 47.59333335° South and if you use the FCC site it says this is 6332.705 miles but it is 91.6666667° the same as the great circle distance of the diagonals and would have the same mileage if they weren’t using a variable radius. Note that the above information informs us that although the FCC calculations are good they are not exact concerning the Great Design which has factors based on the earth’s original perfect condition.