Supernatural Factors. The use of multiple units of measure before they were invented is supernatural, for example the Gunter Pace was invented about four hundred years ago by Edmund Gunter yet it was used in cosmic design before man existed and it has been demonstrated that all the units of measure used in this investigation were used by the Designer of the units of measure before any man ever used them. This is not only prophetic but shows the Designer was in control from when he designed the units of measure untill he caused man to use them.


I would like to explain something obvious that might be easily overlooked, Stonehenge and the other monuments are monuments to the Lord Jesus Christ who is the head of Christianity, therefore Christianity was not invented two and a half to three thousand years after Stonehenge was built as we are often told. We are also told that Christianity is derived from Judaism but Judaism is an Anti Christ religion for example their Talmud says Jesus’ father was a Roman soldier and his mother was a prostitute, the Bible says otherwise, and real Christians be they ever so few believe in the Bible no matter what the Talmud or the Koran or the New World Order’s appointed experts say. The 3168 numeric signature is revealed all over cosmic design when we use the units of measure that have been demonstrated to have the same Source as the cosmic design, this makes multiple references to the head of Christianity before man existed. So the message is that Christianity is the oldest religion even though it was known by other names i.e. it used to be called The Way and was first called Christianity in Antioch and this was a new label not a new religion because The Way and Christianity are exactly the same and Jesus said John 14:6 I am the way, the truth and the life: interesting that the first two words of the verse are I AM which is the name the Lord used when he sent Moses to talk to the Phaeroah and the next two words are The Way which is the old name for Christianity. In the Bible’s Hebrew Text His Name has a gematria of 352, in the Greek text Lord Jesus Christ  has a gematria of 3168 and The Way has a gematria of 352, the numbers 352 3168 352 shown side by side on the Musical Scale Chart translate via gematria to His Name, Lord Jesus Christ, The Way and the Bethlehem coordinates 31.68° N. and 35.2° E. refer to His Name Lord Jesus Christ or alternatively 3168 = His Name.