Bethlehem’s latitude 31.68° north and longitude 35.2° east coordinates where Jesus was born are a strategic global position and the key to revealing the geographic designs shown in following pages. The message encoded in the numbers of the Musical Scale Chart reveals predetermined cosmic design, the cosmos did not create itself spontaneously out of nothing, the Earth is not a piece of debris flung out from the scene of an accident caused by nothing exploding into everything. The earth was created to designated predetermined measurements that are recorded in the numbers of music, we will see that the Earth’s dimensions were designed and the numbers of music bear witness of this. The Bethlehem coordinates on the Musical Scale Chart show that the Earth was not only designed to predetermined dimensions but it’s surface was also charted and the Greenwich Prime Meridian was predestined.


Two factors dictate the numbers on the Musical Scale Chart which are the Laws of  Musical Harmony and the length of the second, if for any eason the second was changed then the numbers on the chart would also have to be changed pro rata to conform to the Laws of Musical Harmony. They say the second was invented some five thousand years ago by the Sumerians but the Musical Scale Chart informs us who the Source is, the second is also a design factor of the English monuments and the Pyramid. In the Bible’s Hebrew text His Name has a gematria of 352 and in the Greek text The Way has a gematria of 352 so the red numbers on the Musical Scale Chart translated via gematria say His Name, Lord Jesus Christ, The Way. Christianity was called The Way in the time of the apostles and was first called Christianity in Antioch. The international agreement in 1955 defining the note middle A as 440 Hertz would not have happened if the second was not used universally.


The secular world has tried and failed to explain the reason why music exists but the explanation is simple, music is a gift from God, the numbers on the Musical Scale Chart bear witness of this. This shows that when looking for the answers no portion of the big picture should be designated taboo, but secular experts can wreck their careers by finding the right answers is the wrong places unless they keep silent. The Bethlehem coordinates can be translated via gematria to say, His Name, Lord Jesus Christ or alternatively His Name = 3168.


It is interesting that the Ngorongoro Crater is on the same line of longitude as the Sea of Galillee they are 36° of latitude from centre to centre which is 1/10 of the earth’s circumference or 2488.32 miles,(= 9123.84 MMi. = 2737.152 RMi. etc.) both places are in the Great Rift Valley and the Sea of Galillee almost fits inside the crater’s floor and would fit inside the rim. I don’t know what this means but it has something to the do with the 1/10 scale model great circle of the earth around the 3168 Cross. Because the 1/10 scale model earth around the 3168 Cross is on the surface of a globe the diameter is correct but the circumference is not 2488.32 miles so the 2488.32 miles from the centre of the Ngorongoro Crater to the Sea of Galilee on the east west line of the 3168 Cross might be a compensation factor.