Weights and Measures and the number 3168note that 3.168 million tons, 31.68 million hundredweight, 31.68 million quarters and 31.68 million stone are also features of the Pyramid’s full design (shown below). The circles, hemispheres, rings and quadrants below have been selected for attention by factors of the Pyramid’s full design, we are also looking at 1/3 sectors of circles as suggested by the design of Silbury Hill, there are two series of circles below which overlap and interact. The first series begins with Circle A and it’s 31.68 English cubit circumference x 2 = 31.68 yards which is Circle B’s circumference and we keep doubling the circumferences to produce 10 circles. The second series of circles start with the 1 Pyramid geographic mile circumference circle and each following circle’s circumference is increased by 1 Pyramid geographic mile until 10 circles are produced.

 Image 730j


Silbury Hill’s full cone design is 0.03168 Old English miles high, it is a model of a 1 league or 3.168 Old English miles high cone , the 1 league high cone is useful for observing how the longer units of linear measure relate to a tan 0.576 cone. Below we examine how the 1, 2 and 3 mile diameter circles and the 1, 2 and 3 Pyramid geographic league circumference circles above relate to the design of the 1 league high cone.


Silbury Hill is a model of a 1 league or 3.168 Old English mile high cone and details of the upper portion of the full cone full scale design are shown below. The illustration below focuses attention on the Pyramid geographic mile being the product of 4 x 0.3168 Roman miles or 2 x 3168 Roman feet or 0.3168 Roman miles + 0.3168 megalithic miles and also focuses attention on the fact that 31680 inches + 31680 inches = 1 mile. Those factors of the Pyramid geographic mile and the mile are also emphasized elsewhere by Silbury Hill’s design and also by the Great Pyramid’s full design.


Converting the areas of the 1 mile diameter circle and 1/3 sectors into rectangles is in harmony with Silbury Hill’s design in fact this is a designed function of the cone’s design to demonstrate the geometric connections of various units measure from different systems to reveal that they have the same Source and the identity of the Source is also revealed.