Stonehenge’s design symbolizes the two cubes below left which were named Cube B and Cube C, Silbury Hill’s hilltop design also symbolizes Cube C and Cube B has an interesting geometric and mathematic relationship to Silbury Hill’s full cone design. It is obvious that cube C is a scale model of a 1 mile cube containing a 1 mile diameter sphere and on the same scale Cube B is a model of a cubic league or significantly a 3.168 Old English mile cube. On the right below are full size versions of the two cubes as symbolized by Stonehenge’s design they are placed with Bethlehem and Jerusalem on opposite sides of a 31680’ diameter circle which is Stonehenge’s crest of the Inner Bank enlarged on the same scale as the cubes.


Image 473

From the centre of the 31680” radius sphere (1 mile diameter) to the centrepoint of the Stonehenge group of monuments is on azimuth 316.8° from north, the centrepoint is ½ way between the centres of Stonehenge and Avebury which is 3.168 megalithic miles from both centres, therefore the centres are 6.336 megalithic miles = 91238.4’ apart which records the (original) equatorial rotation speed per minute of the 9123.84 megalithic mile circumference equator.


The star design is based on the 6 megalithic miles = 31680 MY. distance between the centres of Stonehenge and Avebury, and the tan 0.44 diagonals of Stonehenge’s Station Stone Rectangle. On the 1 foot per second scale the 3168 fathom wide triangles = 316.8 minutes and the outer rectangle represents 1 day x 21.12 hours, interesting because the earth rotates 316.8° every 21.12 hours and 316.8° is an interesting feature of Silbury Hill (see above) more importantly azimuth 316.8° from North connects Bethlehem and Jerusalem to the English monuments.


The interaction between the geometry and symbolism of Stonehenge and Silbury Hill has been demonstrated and how the designs relate to where Jesus was born and where he was crucified has been shown but we will take another look to emphasize these design features. The people trying for centuries to answer the big question of why Stonehenge was built have been hampered by their own assumptions that being so old it has to be some form of pagan religion and that the builders only had primitive inteligence, tools and knowledge. People generally beleive that Christianity is a comparatively new religion, but the Saviuor (Jesus) was prophesized in great detail before any other religions were invented even long before Moses started to write the Bible some 3.5 thousand years ago. True Christianity recognises that the long awaited Saviour turned up at the appointed time and place and fulfilled the many ancient and detailed propecies about why he came and what he would do, so why do people think that belief in the prophesized Saviour only began after he he came, the roots of Christianity predate all other religions (including Judaism) which is demonstrated in this investigation.


I thought that the tallest mountain in the world might have the 3168 signature and found it was 5.5 miles high which reminded me of Silbury Hill’s 550’ diameter base and a circle, 5.5 miles x 864/275 = 17.28 miles or 6.336 MMi. circumference which is the distance between the centres of Avebury and Stonehenge. Five miles = 316800” add 31680” = 5.5 miles add 31680” = 63360’ or 6 miles which is the distance from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, below we show how the factors of Silbury Hill’s design shown above relate to Mount Everest and how they also relate to the 6 mile diameter circle used to connect Bethlehem and Jerusalem symbolizing the life of Jesus.